TriDri Key Design Features

Basic Physics

Water evaporation is accelerated by airflow.
The introduction of a relatively small air flow to the boot reduces the Drying Time very significantly. The outlet at the top of TriDri is directed towards the toe of the boot and so drying starts there. Otherwise this will be the last part of the suit to dry.
A drysuit dries more efficiently when hung upside down from the boots. This is why TriDri operates the way it does; it supports the suit and no other hanger is required, only a wall to lean it against.
A “hook & Loop” (known colloquially as Velcro®) is supplied to fix the boots together so that the “inactive” boot and leg also drain.
Damp air is heavier than dry air so will tend to “fall” out of the suit. Evaporation causes cooling and as cooler air is more dense, this also assists the air to “fall” out of the suit. As the boot dries, the air passing down the leg & through the rest of the suit gets gradually drier and progressively dries the rest of the suit.


The Extended length is approximately 2.2 meters so that the arms hang down to allow draining. The TriDri telescopes down to 0.73 meters for easy storage and transportation and it weighs less than 1 kg. The telescopic system has another advantage which is to reduce the room length needed when inserting the TriDri.         


The fan is low voltage for obvious electrical safety reasons. The low current/power consumption is very economical, see specifications. These factors allow a standard USB supply to be used; it can be run from a car phone charger plugged into a 'cigarette lighter socket' or any other USB supply.


The soft rubber bottom forms a seal that stops drips from running onto the fan. This bottom is also resilient and gives impact protection to the more rigid plastic underneath. The triangular shape of the bottom and the tubes is important in order to maintain the orientation of TriDri during use. The outlet at the top must be directed towards the toe of the boot to allow free flow of air and efficient drying. The orientation of the outlet is always the same as the orientation of the base unit (The outlet being the same as the chamfered/sloping corner) The triangular section of the tubes also means that they always lock together when extended and do not require any twisting to locate pins. A two pronged device was prototyped to dry both legs simultaneously but was found to be too cumbersome and difficult to use. The top of TriDri is notched so that the cable can be easily and loosely wrapped from end to end for tidy storage; there are also soft clips to keep the end of the cable tidy. As with any electrical/electronic cables, sharp and or repeated bending must be avoided, so as to not to damage the conducting wires. Therefore wrapping must be done loosely to avoid any damage.         

No Heat

The very low energy consumption is also an environmental consideration. We chose not to use any heating in the drier for environmental reasons and also for the integrity of Drysuits. Heat is not good for suits particularly the seals; there is no risk of overheating with TriDri.


TriDri can be partially extended or not extended at all and still operates efficiently. Therefore it is not only a useful addition to your SCUBA equipment, it can be used to dry numerous other items:
    SCUBA Equipment                        Basic sausage style DSMB
    Footwear                                        Wellington boots
    Ski Equipment                               Ski boots
    Fishing Equipment                        Waders
As drysuits are used in many other sports it can become part of your:
    Sailing Equipment
    Canoeing Equipment