1st February 2016
The January Sale is over. Sorry. However the good news is that because of the Sales and a big production run, we are able to reduce the cost of a TriDri to under £50 until further notice.

So it’s still a great buy to keep your drysuit in pristine condition and hence keep you warm during your dives.

At the weekend I returned from a week on a "Blue O Two" liveaboard out of Hurgada. The town was really quiet, as always the Egyptians were great and grateful that we had come. And as always the Guides, Captain and Crew were faultless.

BUT! Next time I go in January I’ll take a thicker wetsuit, 3mm on the arms just kept me a bit on the cool side.

OR better still I’ll take my RoHo membrane drysuit. My next job is to weigh it and compare it with the wetsuit and boots. Mustn’t forget the undersuit.

Here are a couple of pics from the Red Sea Adventurer trip:

21st January 2016

Are you an exacerbater?  Do you worsen traffic congestion by not indicating? You know that little stick by the steering wheel; it makes those amber lights on the corners of your car flash. Yes they can work on either side of the car independently. They aren’t just operated by that red triangular button that you use for parking on yellow lines.

Why does this increase congestion?

Well, when you are waiting for a gap to get onto a busy roundabout, what do you say about the guy who turns off at the junction before yours without indicating? “You Prat! I could have got out if you’d indicated!” or possibly something more imaginative. This is just an example of the delays and frustrations caused when drivers don’t bother to indicate. I hope that SCUBA divers make an effort to indicate, maybe because we are just good people or maybe because we know the importance of signals. 
Learning to drive is a bit like learning to dive, you should get to a confident & competent level if skills before doing it; a big difference with diving is that you have to maintain and improve those skills or it can prove fatal.

Oh! Maybe that isn’t a difference!

28th November 2015

Mega Christmas Offer starts tomorrow - Advent Sunday 29th November
TriDri for only £49:50

25th November 2015

Studying Under The Ice

Amongst many other activities, NIWA studys the environment in the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. The experiments on this expedition involved divers placing specially made chambers on the underside of the ice at Granite Harbour to measure the effects of ocean acidification and warming on sea ice flora and fauna

25th November 2015

TriDri helping divers in Antarctica to keep warm.

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric research of New Zealand NIWA took TriDri units to Antarctica to get their Drysuits really dry after diving.

In cold environments it’s essential that the inside of your drysuit is really dry, otherwise the cold starts to creep in much faster.